The entertainment industry is loaded with extraordinarily talented people.

But the true, genuine originals, they're rare. - Welcome To BLCKCRD.

BLCKCRD is passionate about developing the future of the Music Industry, we understand just how tough it can be to succeed in this increasingly competitive market, especially with Record Labels spending less and less on artist development. 

We believe that talent comes first; our artists and clients should never have to compromise their creative freedom, sign their lives away or sell their souls to maximise their potential in the entertainment industries.

BLCKCRD has an influential team of; A&R Managers, PR Executives, Technology Developers, Social Media Experts and Creatives providing our clients with everything they need to achieve their goals within the Music and Entertainment Industry. 


BLCKCRD manage all aspects of our clients careers including writing, recording, merchandise, endorsements, publishing and brand partnerships.

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