Meet music producer and entrepreneur David Connor, blckcrd’s CEO and Founder.  Having left school at 16 to follow his dreams of music stardom he found his way to Miami, where he was discovered and signed by one of the biggest music managers in America at the time – Kristen ‘Murda’ Murphy, having worked with Kristen and Shaun ‘Ghost’ Reilly (RIP) to develop his production sound, he was signed and published by Manny Halley who at the time was managing Nicki Minaj on a day to day basis.


That floppy haired 16 year olds dreams sprinkled with lots of hard work and long nights gave David the opportunity to live in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Atlanta before returning to the United Kingdom to pursue what he loves.. Business


Fast-forward 6 years David employs 5 people and has opened offices in his home town of Birmingham UK, Los Angeles and is in the process of opening an office in his second home, Miami, Florida.

David’s games have impacted millions of people worldwide, he has reached over one billion people through his media company BEING and his artists have performed in front of thousands of people on sold out tours worldwide.  We like to think, we are very lucky to have David steering the blckcrd ship, this is just the beginning.


“I am literally nothing without the people around me” – David Connor blckcrd CEO and founder.  No man is an Island, here at blckcrd everybody is treated as equal, we have access to multiple office spaces, and shared co-working spaces worldwide, we give our team the flexibility to work, where they want, when they want.


blckcrd is a family owned business, Eileen is David’s mother and runs the company on a day-to-day basis, David explains; “mom is the only person in the world I trust more than myself to run my business, shit she taught me everything I know, plus you know when Eileen enters the room, I’m the pussycat, she is the lion – She will always have my best interests at heart.  We are incredibly lucky, we have created an amazing atmosphere to work in, people want to work with us, we don’t have employees we have family members”.


Nobody works FOR blckcrd, they work WITH blckcrd.

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